Comprehensive Property Management

Our Promise: If you're not making money, we're not making money. Period.

Many people who own property simply do not want to deal with the hassles that come with renting. That’s where we come in! As qualified experts in our field, we are able to provide the best and most comprehensive care possible for your rental needs.

We will assess the potential rental value of your property, advertise and market it, thoroughly screen renters and deal with all the paperwork and payments. Furthermore, we make certain that you are in compliance with all applicable rules and regulations, and be available to both you and the tenant throughout the entire process. Our goal is for you to obtain the full earning power of your property without the hassles that come with it.

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We deal in several types of properties

  • Single family residences
  • Apartments
  • Multiplexes
  • Condos
  • Commercial Property

Our staff is dedicated and experienced. Start working with us, and get your property listed today!

Key Advantages to Property Owners

  • Basta Solutions serves as Intermediary between Landlord and Tenant.
  • Basta Solutions alleviates Hassles and Worries associated with being a Property Owner.
  • Tax Write-Offs Remain In Tact.
  • Tenant Selection/Screening.
  • Management of Repairs.

Financial Reporting

  • Client statements are mailed from Basta Solutions by the 15th day of each month to insure timely receipt and improve the owner's cash flow.
  • Reporting shows each rental unit's income and itemizes each expense line item.
  • Proper account procedures are followed regarding the handling of receipts, payment of invoices and signing of checks.

Lease Vacant Units

  • Ensure unit is in rentable condition.
  • Establish market rent.
  • Advertise using appropriate media.
  • Cooperate with other brokers.
  • Comply with Fair Housing Laws.
  • Qualify Applicant through Credit Approval Process.
  • Pre-rental inspection.
  • Show units to prospective tenants.
  • Take application and deposit.

Rent Collection

  • Routine filing in district court for non-payment of rent to protect owner's interest.
  • Refer skip and bad debt accounts to attorney for collection to maximize potential recovery.
  • Follow through with eviction, if necessary, to minimize losses.
  • Work with tenants during extraordinary circumstances when deemed in the long-term best interests of the owner.

Repair and Maintenance

  • Competitive pricing is assured to save the owners money.
  • Utilize the services of a wide variety of independent contractors allowing the flexibility of matching the right contractor to the size, complexity and scope of work involved.
  • Independent contractors offer greater accountability to the owner for work performed and money spent.

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